A loaf of cheddar and apple bread with a side of jam
Tangy Sharp Cheddar Complements The Sweet Kick Of Apple Quick Bread
Cheddar cheese is sharp and salty while apples are soft and sweet, making them a great pair. If you've never paired these flavors, start with something safe, like a quick bread.
The flavors will still complement each other in the same way, but they'll be surrounded by the tasty, spongy bread, so neither one will overwhelm your palette.
The type of apple you choose impacts the bread’s flavor. Granny Smith offers a burst of sourness, while Fuji and Gala will give you a salty-sweet juxtaposition.
Once you choose a variety, shred the apples and cheese. Feel free to leave the skin on the apples, although you can also remove it if you want a softer texture.
Try adding ingredients like minced sage, chopped walnuts, or chopped pecans before pouring the batter into the loaf pan. Once baked, top your bread with butter or jam.