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Tangy Brine Is The Secret To A Lighter Tuna Salad
Mayonnaise is a classic ingredient for tuna salad, but if you want a lighter version, swap it for the tangy brine from a jar of olives or pickles.
This hack reduces the sandwich's fat content and matches the flavors of other ingredients, like diced olives and peppers with olive brine.
Brine is a versatile liquid that helps mix the tuna flakes with the other ingredients, and by using it, you'll prevent throwing away underused brine.
You can use the same recipe but swap the mayo with brine — start with a spoonful of brine, then add more to taste. If you need mayo, add a little bit of both.
You can also make a vinaigrette with lemon juice and mustard and add the brine, or replace the sweet pickle relish with chopped pickles and pickle brine.
Whatever pickled foods you have are in brine, so don't limit yourself to olive and pickle brine. For some spice, consider brine from hot cherry peppers or pickled jalapeños.