Tamago sando next to tomatoes and lettuce
Tamago Sando Is Japan's Refined And Simple Take On An Egg Sandwich
Japanese cuisine is full of memorable dishes, and one of the most unassuming is the tamago sando, often made with creamy egg salad between two slices of crustless milk bread.
Milk bread, known as shokupan, offers a fluffy texture and subtle sweetness, while the egg inside may be in the form of egg salad, a thick fluffy omelet, or soft-boiled eggs.
This sandwich, like many modern Japanese dishes, evolved as a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisines. Today, they're a beloved staple at konbinis, or 24-hour convenience stores.
To make the sandwich, start with homemade or store-bought milk bread, then prepare your eggs as you like, whether hard- or soft-boiled, scrambled, or as an omelet.
For a more Japanese flavor, add Kewpie mayo to an egg salad filling or on the bread. It's richer and tangier, and pairs well with salt, pepper, mustard, and a pinch of sugar.
Trim the crusts off two slices of the bread and then generously sandwich them with the eggs. Finish it off with green onions, ham, or an extra soft-boiled egg in the center.