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Take Your Popcorn To The Next Level With Citric Acid
Popcorn can be dressed with more than just salt and butter — you can toss it with dry ranch dressing, caramel, or even make neon blue Cookie Monster popcorn. If you're a huge fan of citrusy flavors or salt and vinegar potato chips, there's one ingredient that can take your bag of popcorn to deliciously tangy heights.
Citric acid is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in citrus fruit, and this white powder adds an acidic tang to foods without added moisture. Adding a small pinch of citric acid to popcorn flavor mixes, instead of using sour liquids lime juice or vinegar, can bring the tang without making the popcorn soggy.
Citric acid is used in countless foods to add a sour bite, from Apple Jacks cereal to various baked goods that can use a little tang. Make sure that you keep on tasting your popcorn as you add the powdered acid into the mix, since citric acid can go from pleasantly tangy to mouth-puckeringly acidic in a heartbeat.