Spreading pizza sauce on crust
Take Your Pizza Sauce Up A Level With One Powdered Addition
You can take your pizza sauce up a notch in many different ways, but the easiest method is to add a simple ingredient you probably have in your spice: garlic powder.
Garlic powder doesn’t require peeling or chopping, and unlike bits of fresh garlic, the powder dissolves into the sauce for even distribution of garlic flavor.
Using chunks of fresh garlic can also disrupt the texture of your sauce, while garlic powder keeps things smooth. The powder also has less of a sharp garlic bite.
The milder flavor of powdered garlic allows the flavors of your tomato sauce, cheese, and pizza toppings to take center stage without overpowering them.
For most pizza sauce recipes, you'll need less than a teaspoon of garlic powder to add an aromatic kick, meaning you also save money in addition to time.