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Take Your Grilled Cheese To The Next Level With A Parmesan Crust
The original grilled cheese sandwich is perfect, but also seems like it was born to be reinvented with different cheeses, breads, and toppings. Unfortunately, bread is the aspect that is most often ignored when improving a grilled cheese, so try this trick to make your bread extra-crispy while adding even more cheese to your sandwich.
By spreading a mixture of mayo and parmesan on the outside of your bread before adding it to the pan, you’ll create a caramelized, beautifully brown crust on the exterior of your sandwich. This technique also works well with softened butter spread instead of mayo, and either fat will produce an extra-savory and crispy finish.
Parmesan and other aged cheeses usually aren't the best for liberal use in grilled cheese, since harder cheeses don't melt well, but they make for a fantastic outer crust that doesn't turn grainy or oily. The parmesan crust trick adds aged umami flavors in combination with whichever gooey and melty cheese you use on the inside.