Chocolate martini surrounded by cocoa powder and chocolate candies.
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Take Your Chocolate Martini To The Next Level With Vanilla Vodka
There are plenty of dessert cocktails to choose from, including fruit-infused versions of martinis, but for many drinkers, the chocolate martini is much better than syrupy-sweet fruity concoctions. Like many chocolate treats, chocolate martinis often use a hint of vanilla, and this is why vanilla vodka is the best way to incorporate this flavor.
Commercial vanilla extract, which can be overly sweet, flat, and artificial-tasting, doesn't do much to elevate a great chocolate martini that uses otherwise high-quality ingredients. Instead, try infusing a bottle of vodka with fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar, Mexico, or Tahiti, all of which will make for a more flavorful final drink.
To try this method, carefully slice a vanilla bean lengthwise, then add it to a bottle of vodka and let it steep for up to a week, shaking the bottle every so often. Then, make your chocolate martini using equal parts vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, and a creamy liqueur like Bailey's Irish Cream for a truly transcendent experience.