Roasted parsnips in an air fryer
Take Roasted Parsnips Up A Level With A Sweet Spin
As a lesser-known vegetable that's often passed up for carrots, parsnips are very underrated. This sweet spin on the root veggie might have you cooking them daily from now on.
Although closely related to carrots, parsnips have a more sharp and earthy taste. Slow-roasting them brings out their natural sugar content, sweetening and softening them.
To get the most out of slow-roasted parsnips, roast them with complementary sweet spices. Start by coring and cutting your parsnips into wedges.
Sprinkle them with cinnamon, cayenne, and optional agave syrup. To help them caramelize, coat them well with oil, or goose fat, lard, or butter for a bit more flavor.
Roast until tender, brown, and crispy. For even better parsnips, try a honey balsamic glaze, maple syrup and brown sugar, a blackberry wine sauce, or nutmeg, ginger, and garlic.
Serve your parsnips as a delicious side dish with ricotta and hazelnuts, or pair with roast chicken, pasta, and other veggies. You can even use them to top a pear and brie galette.