A Keurig coffee machine
Take Out Your Coffee Cup Before The Keurig Stops Brewing. Here's Why
At the end of the coffee-making cycle, Keurigs spit out watery coffee liquid. To prevent this from tainting your cup, simply pull your coffee cup away before the liquid comes out.
If you want a delicious mug of non-watery coffee, keep your eyes on your Keurig as the coffee brews. You’ll be able to see when the coffee ends and the non-coffee liquid begins.
Keeping your Keurig clean is also key to ensuring a tasty cup. To clean it, fill the chamber with distilled white vinegar and let it cycle through before rinsing it with water.
You can increase the boldness and flavor of your Keurig coffee by using two pods instead of one on the lowest-ounce setting. This will help prevent watery coffee remains.
Whether using refillable pods or K-Cups, opt for medium and dark roasts to provide a more flavorful beverage. Using filtered water instead of tap will also improve the taste.