Bagel sandwich with eggs and bacon
Take A Look At 14 Breakfast Sandwiches From Around The World
Croque Madame
Breakfast sandwiches are filling and convenient, perfectly combining texture and flavors. France's Croque Madame combines Gruyére, ham, and a fried egg.
The ham is piled between toasted slices of sourdough, slathered with melted Gruyére cheese sauce, and topped with a fried egg for the ultimate comfort meal, breakfast edition.
Masala Dosa
Although India's masala dosa can be eaten for any meal, the savory, spiced crepes make an excellent breakfast, especially when paired with breakfast foods.
Make your dosa batter in advance and let it rest for eight hours before you use it. Once cooked, fill the dosa with seasoned potatoes, chutney, and anything you can imagine.
China is home to jianbing, a crepe made with mung bean flour that gets cooked and filled with toppings like eggs, hoisin sauce, and fried wontons.
For the right texture, spread the jianbing batter thinly and evenly across your pan. Once cooked, fold in your favorite toppings, and take it as a convenient breakfast on the go.
Ta'ameya, an Egyptian patty made of fava beans, is tucked into a pita-like flatbread called baladi and topped with chopped onion and tomatoes for a fresh, hearty meal.
Egg Sandwich
A common breakfast option in the United States is the simple egg sandwich, featuring eggs, whether scrambled or in omelet form, between two slices of bread.
The sandwich is as simple or as complicated as you prefer, and variations can include cheese, condiments, meat, or an English muffin in place of bread.