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Tacos Al Vapor: What Makes This Delectable Street Food Unique
What are Tacos al Vapor?
Tacos al vapor are a Mexican street food that involves steamed tortillas stuffed with precooked fillings. The tortillas are pre-fried before they’re steamed to prevent them from falling apart and then filled with refried beans, chicharron, shredded chicken, and more. Chili oil is often added for flavor and plenty of salsa is served.
History of Tacos al Vapor
During the 20th century, workers came to Mexico City to sell pre-prepped food that was kept warm in cloth. It is believed that this portable food style originated in San Vicente Xiloxochitla, a few hours outside of Mexico City, because of its proximity to the nearby basket-weaving town Apolonia Teacalco.
How to Make Tacos al Vapor
Tacos al vapor require finesse to properly make as they can quickly become mushy and fall apart. After being filled, the tortillas are folded in half and fitted snugly into a vessel for steaming along with some chili oil for flavor. When properly packed, tacos al vapor can stay warm for five to six hours.