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Sweet Spaghetti Is A Quintessential Filipino Comfort Food
Filipino food is becoming popular across America and in many other parts of the world. Besides well-known traditional dishes like chicken adobo, some of the county's fusion food is also gaining recognition amongst savvy dinners, including Filipino sweet spaghetti, which is nothing like the typical spaghetti and meatballs.
Sweet spaghetti, which is deliciously savory, tangy, and sweet, uses tomato sauce, banana ketchup, and fish sauce to dress spaghetti. It also mixes ground beef, pork, or hot dog bits in with the pasta and sauce and is typically topped with a processed cheese like Velveeta, rather than the more traditional Italian parmesan.
To make sweet spaghetti, cook noodles al dente, then sauté aromatics like onions and garlic and brown some ground pork. Then, minced veggies like red pepper and carrots plus hot dogs are added to the pan, simmered until cooked, and the tomato sauce and banana ketchup join the sauce before it is served with the pasta.
If you can’t get your hands on banana ketchup, which is sweeter and spicier than regular, you can add sugar to tomato ketchup as a substitute. To serve, pile your noodles on a plate, spoon the sauce on top, then grate shredded cheese over the whole thing, which will melt perfectly and complete this unique pasta dish.