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Swap Your Ramen Flavor Packets With Miso Paste For An Easy Upgrade
Instant ramen is tasty and quick to make, but it’s never the same as ramen with a broth that's been simmered for hours. Luckily, miso paste — an ingredient in many made-from-scratch bowls of ramen — can be incorporated into instant ramen for a serious upgrade, and you can even choose from several different kinds.
To try this trick, just toss out the flavor packet that comes with your instant noodles and add a tablespoon of miso paste. Types of miso include white miso, which is sweeter and milder; red miso, which is salty and well-fermented; and yellow miso, which is saltier and more acidic than white and milder than red.
While many Japanese restaurants use red miso in their ramen, it's best to start with white or yellow miso to complement the flavors of whatever else you add to your instant noodles. However, if you're not new to miso at all, free to go headfirst into it and add three tablespoons of red miso, as recommended by MasterClass.