Old Fashioned whisky cocktail shot in flat art deco style on graphic red and orange background
Swap Bourbon With White Whiskey For A New Take On An Old Fashioned
The traditional base of an old-fashioned cocktail is either rye or bourbon. However, swapping out these spirits for white whiskey will yield surprisingly delicious results.
White whiskey is made of the same ingredients as regular whiskey, but it barely spends any time in the barrel — as little as a few seconds so that it can be called whiskey.
Depending on the distillation grain, the flavors of white whiskey can range from a robust, alcoholic spirit to something a little more fruity.
A popular option is Death Door's take on the liquor; the distillery crafts a white whiskey with a mild spice, bread-like character, and just a tinge of sweetness.
Simply shake the white whiskey with a bit of simple syrup and infuse it with bitters and fruit. Citrus is a tasty addition to complement the drink's lighter character.
The bitter character of grapefruit works especially well, so try adding grapefruit bitters or garnish with a grapefruit wedge or rind. Add a maraschino cherry for extra flavor.