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Survey Reveals How People Feel About Baked Treats Amid Inflation
Historic inflation is changing America's spending habits, with countless citizens reevaluating and postponing extra purchases for the sake of affordability. Most groceries are a necessity, but a survey by the American Baking Associations reveals surprising public opinions about small but non-necessary indulgences, such as baked goods.
In ABA's survey of over 15,000 respondents, 84% embraced the idea of eating baked goods, despite high prices of necessities like other foods and gasoline. Discussing the report, analyst Anne-Marie Roerink said that people "have an emotional connection to baked goods," and see these treats as an "affordable indulgence," not an extravagance.
Baked treats make us happy, so perhaps they do grow more popular in economically difficult times, not less. Supermarket News even reports that indulgent snacks currently have an edge over healthier options, meaning that consumers might be replacing generally healthy but pricey items with cheaper treats to brighten their days.