Sunny Anderson posing at an event
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Sunny Anderson Chooses An Underrated Meat Over Ham And Turkey
Turkey and ham may be classic special-occasion meats, but chef Sunny Anderson likes to substitute smaller, less common Cornish game hens instead.
Anderson explains that "They're plentiful, which means they're less expensive, and they take a lot less time to roast in the oven and give you more space [there]".
Cornish game hens are a hybrid of Cornish chickens and white Plymouth Rock chickens, which were crossbred to produce a bird that would develop breast meat quickly.
Game hens weigh between one and two pounds and typically cost between $2.50 and $5 per pound. Unlike larger centerpieces, each hen is perfectly portioned for one serving.
You can adjust the amount of meat you need by adding or losing a bird. These hens take less time to cook and, unlike a large roast, don't dry out while still cooking through.