A cup of sujeonggwa
Sujeonggwa Is The Korean Cinnamon Drink You'll Want To Drink In The Fall
The fall season marks the return of autumnal foods, and in Korea, sujeonggwa is a beloved seasonal drink. This sweet and spicy drink with cinnamon and ginger is served cold.
Originating in the Joseon dynasty in the 18th century, sujeonggwa is made similarly to tea. The cinnamon and ginger are boiled together first, and then a sweetener is added.
Sugar, honey, or brown sugar are common sweeteners. When the drink has cooled, whole or sliced dried persimmons are added for flavor and pine nuts are sprinkled on top.
Sujeonggwa is traditionally enjoyed as a dessert. The main ingredients are good at fighting off colds and aid digestion, which is perfect after a hearty meal in the cold season.