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Sugarfina Has A Sweet New Advent Calendar For The 2022 Holiday Season
Sugarfina, a luxury candy brand specializing in whimsical treats designed for adults, has started spreading the word of its 2022 holiday season collection. This year, the brand will feature three advent calendars; two of the calendars are returning fan-favorites from previous years, but it’s the brand-new third that really caught our eye.
Sugarfina's new advent calendar is shaped like a three-dimensional carnival carousel festooned with pretty white horses and topped with a shimmering gold star. It also features rechargeable, sparkling LED lights and actually spins on its base, but don't forget that this pretty paper structure is meant to store candy.
Tucked neatly into the base, you’ll find 24 adorable drawers, each one containing a different variety of Sugarfina candy, ranging from the classics to unique, cocktail-inspired flavors. Once you’ve eaten all the candy, the calendar makes a nice keepsake that can become part of your Christmas decor for years to come.