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Subway's Old Sandwich-Slicing Method Had Bread Bowl Energy
There have been many changes in the way Subway crafts its sandwiches, and during the early 2000s, the internet began complaining about a change in the way the bread was cut. While Subway patrons of today can see a 'Sandwich Artist' slice their bread in half, patrons of yesteryear remember a very different method.
Subway employees used to cut bread using the "U-gouge" technique, which involves cutting out a long U-shaped pocket up and down the top of a long bread roll. The sandwich’s ingredients were then piled inside the bread-bowl-like space before the U-shaped bread piece was placed back on top, closing everything up inside.
Subway defended its current bread-cutting technique in 2016 with a concise tweet: "Our current cut is better for allowing you to pile on the ingredients you want." Certain Subway fans disagreed with the company's tweet, with one user writing, "Lies. The U-gouge cut didn't allow ingredients to fall out, it kept everything in place."