Pouring cream into a glass
Substitute Heavy Cream With 3 Ingredients For Rich But Lighter Dishes
While heavy cream is a great way to add rich texture and flavor to your dishes, a combination of butter, flour, and broth can provide a lighter, just as rich alternative.
Additionally, this roux-based sauce makes the overall texture of the dish lighter, lends it moisture and balance, and has fewer calories than heavy cream.
After combining the melted butter with flour, you’ll need to add a liquid for a saucy consistency. Milk is fantastic for mimicking some of the qualities of heavy cream.
If you want to reduce your dairy intake, opt for bone broth or vegetable stock. Meat-based broths are also highly nutritious and provide a natural supply of collagen.
Pour your liquid into the roux and thoroughly stir to eliminate lumps. Slowly add broth and mix well until it reaches your desired consistency.
Then, you can toss in shredded chicken, baked fish, or beans to build a deliciously creamy-style dish that’s light and flavorful but still comforting.