Stack of peanut butter cookies on a table
Stuffed Cookies Are Made Easy With An Ice Cube Tray
If you want stuffed cookies without the hassle, an ice cube tray is your secret weapon. All you have to do is push pieces of cookie dough into each square of the ice cube tray.
For pre-cut cookie dough, split it in half and press one into an ice cube tray. Add a chocolate or caramel piece on top, press it down, and add the other half of the dough.
Next, cover with plastic wrap and pop the ice cube tray in the freezer to set the dough. Finally, bake the cookies according to the instructions on the store-bought package.
While a regular-sized ice cube tray does limit what you can stuff a cookie with, you can always seek out an ice cube tray with larger square molds to widen your choices.