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Study Reveals The Potential Health Benefits Of Eating Rye
Rye bread is the essential component of a Reuben sandwich, the backbone of a plethora of A-list cocktails, and even rye beer is making a comeback despite almost being erased from history. If that wasn’t enough, a study done by Swedish researchers suggests high-fiber rye foods can impact weight loss and metabolic risk factors when consumed regularly.
Consumed in a variety of forms, rye is noted for the distinctly spicy flavor it gives to whiskey, beer, bread, and porridges made from the whole grain. When compared to its much-more ubiquitous cereal cousin, wheat, rye presents a host of benefits.
It is higher in carbohydrates, but it's also high in dietary fiber, which makes it lower on the glycemic index. Additionally, they found that rye foodstuffs of all stripes cause an increased feeling of fullness after eating, which can help regulate overall consumption.