A casserole dish of mashed potatoes with cheese, bacon, and green onions
Stroke Mashed Potatoes With Egg Wash For A Golden Crust
To give baked mashed potato dishes the perfect finishing touch, use an egg wash. The egg wash creates a beautiful golden crust that’s crispy and delicious.
This technique comes from the Dutchess Potato, a recipe that is a little fancier and more high-maintenance than mashed potatoes. It can be used on any mashed potato dish.
Use either a whole egg, yolk, or egg whites and a liquid like water, milk, or cream to create the wash. Add one tablespoon of liquid for every egg that is used.
If you use just the yolk or egg whites, bring the liquid down to half a tablespoon. Vegans can use plant-based egg substitutes and milk alternatives for the same result.
Whisk the egg and liquid to combine. Use a pastry brush, ideally silicone, to coat a thin egg wash layer on top of the mashed potatoes.
Avoid puddles of egg wash forming in any crevices. Then, bake the mashed potatoes to your desired color and crispiness for a refined finish.