Closeup of an Irish stout beer.
Stout Beer Adds Intense Flavors To Traditional Irish Beef Stew
In its most authentic form, Irish beef stew often wasn't accompanied by the complex flavors of stout beer. Today, however, Irish stout is a common ingredient in Irish beef stew.
Unlike other robust dark beers, this style does not contribute sweetness. Instead, it infuses the stew with rich, roasted malt notes evocative of dark chocolate and brewed coffee.
The alcohol content in the stout plays a crucial role as well. As it mingles with the other ingredients — especially tomato paste — it helps accentuate taste and aroma.
When it comes to selecting the right stout to enhance your stew, dry Irish stout is the most obvious choice. The iconic example of this style is the globally acclaimed Guinness.
Beyond Guinness, Murphy's and Beamish are both revered for their depth and will harmonize seamlessly with the hearty nature of an Irish beef stew.