An opened banana on a white background
Stop Tossing Out Banana Peels And Use Them To Grow Vegetables At Home
Bananas are great fertilizers due to their calcium, phosphorus, and potassium content. Add sliced peels into a closed container with water for a few days to make plant food.
From there, strain the mixture, and use the nutrient-infused water on your plants. You can compost the solid bits, or bury them around your garden.
You can add more nutrition to the soil by using the sun or an oven set to low to dry out chopped peels. Be sure to leave the oven door open so air can circulate.
To make things even easier, you can use banana peels as mulch without having to slice them up. Lay the peels around the base of your plants, leaving room for the plants to grow.
Then, sprinkle regular mulch over the peels to keep away insects and other pests. Over time, the banana peels will break down, becoming plant food in the process.