Heads of cauliflower with their leaves and stems
Stop Throwing Away Cauliflower Leaves And Stems And Do This Instead
The fibrous texture of a cauliflower's core may be one of the reasons why it isn't traditionally featured in cauliflower recipes, but it's 100% safe to eat with the right prep.
After removing the florets from the central trunk of the cauliflower, simply chop up the chunkier leaves and slice up the stem into discs or matchsticks before washing them.
Make a little time adjustment to account for the denser texture of the stems and core. For spiced aloo gobi or cauliflower gratin, cook the chunks longer so they soften.
Boil the stems and leaves and blend them to make a creamy soup, or use their inherently crunchy texture to your advantage by slicing them thinly and adding them to a stir fry.
For thicker cauliflower stems, try coating them in batter to make crispy deep-fried cauli bites, or prepare them simply with a coating of oil and aromatic seasonings.