Two Spam musubi
Stop Making These Mistakes With Spam
Only Cooking Spam
Love or hate Spam, your opinion of the canned meat is sure to improve by avoiding these common mistakes, like only eating Spam cooked rather than “raw.”
Since Spam is already cooked, you can eat it fresh out of the tin, opening up your world of options for quicker meals like sandwiches, pasta, or a breakfast bagel.
Easier Opening
The hardest part of working with Spam isn’t thinking of delicious recipes, rather it’s opening the vacuum-sealed can, so try puncturing the lid to release the seal.
To puncture the can, use a knife or the sharp point of a can opener to depressurize the can. Depressurizing will make the can easier to open and the meat easier to remove.
Basic Cooking Techniques
You probably cook your Spam on the stovetop, but the canned meat deserves more creative cooking approaches from waffle irons to air fryers.
In a waffle iron, Spam turns into a crispy, crunchy snack, while you can use an air fryer to transform Spam into meaty, crispy fries. The possibilities are endless.
Storing Opened Cans
Spam has a reputation for its long shelf life, but since that shelf life drastically decreases once opened, don’t let your open cans of Spam languish.
If you have leftover Spam, you can always freeze it to make it last. Otherwise, an open can of Spam will only last in the fridge for up to five days.
Improper Slicing
Spam is a wonderfully versatile food, and to match every recipe, you’ll want to make sure you’re slicing your Spam properly to ensure proper cooking.
Whatever your recipe, make sure you’re slicing the Spam to the proper thickness to avoid over- or under-cooking, and you may want to invest in an electric slicer for even slices.