Various brands of canned beans stacked on top of each other and lined up on a yellow surface
Stop Believing These 11 Myths About Canned Beans
Cost More
While dried beans are generally cheaper than canned, the price difference is largely negligible and doesn’t account for the effort needed to cook dried beans.
Too Much Sodium
Some varieties of canned beans are high in sodium, but there are many reduced-sodium or "no salt added" options. Draining the liquid can also reduce the sodium.
Less Nutritious
Though some evidence indicates dried beans are more nutritious than canned, both offer many health benefits. You'll get those benefits no matter which one you eat.
Discard The Liquid
Instead of draining your canned beans and discarding the internal liquid, repurpose it and add it to a soup, sauce, or vegan recipe for extra flavor.
Highly Processed
The processing for canned beans amounts to little more than cooking and flavoring, with many brands’ ingredient lists starting with beans, water, and salt.