Pieces of stem ginger in a small shallow bowl
Stem Ginger, The Sweet Pantry Treat To Use For Cocktails & Baked Goods
Ginger is an essential part of many dishes and baked goods, and while you can opt for fresh, powdered, or candied ginger, you’ll get the most flavor from stem ginger.
Stem ginger is made from young ginger roots that have been cooked and preserved in a sugary syrup. Both the ginger itself and the liquid it’s stored in can be used in your cooking.
Stem ginger is more mellow than fresh ginger, making it very versatile. It's great for use in baked goods, sweets, cocktails, salad dressings, and even savory dishes.
To make stem ginger, cut, peel, and poach young ginger, then simmer in water for one to two hours. Make a sugar syrup from the liquid, then store the ginger and syrup in jars.
Stem ginger is the best way to add sweet and spicy notes to cookies, pies, cakes, or drinks like ginger ale and cocktails. You can either puree the ginger or simply chop it up.
Stem ginger lasts for 12 months unopened, and once opened, it lasts for two months in the fridge. The liquid, however, can be frozen and will stay good for up to 2 months.