Lobster claw sticking out of boiling pot
Steam Lobster Tails In Beer For Elevated Flavor
To transform plain lobster tails into a ready-to-eat gourmet meal, steam them in beer to add moisture to the meat while also elevating the flavor with malty, earthy notes.
You also won't have to endlessly choose between spices or worry about guessing the right amount, as the beer's inherent flavors will be what permeates the lobsters.
It also helps avoid overbaking or over-charring the lobsters. While any beer will work, it helps to use one that pairs well with lobster, like those with a mild to medium taste.
Add about two inches of beer into the pan's bottom to create steam without the liquor splashing onto the lobster. Feel free to add butter or flavoring like bay leaf to the beer.
Boil the beer and place a stainless-steel steamer basket over it. Slide a skewer through each tail so they don't over-curl, lay them across the basket, reduce the heat, and cover.
You can use un-shelled or shell-on tails slit lengthwise for easy eating. Let the tails steam for about 10 minutes, but check sooner if you've removed the meat from its shell.