Breaded cut of meat on a plate with potatoes
Steak Milanesa Is The Unique Entree With A Crunchy Breadcrumb Coating
Steak milanesa, a cherished comfort food in Italy and Latin America, especially Argentina, is a thin-cut beef dish coated in breadcrumbs and pan-fried to perfection.
Tasty and texturally appealing, it's easy to pair with other ingredients. Steak milanesa is an affordable food enjoyed in cantinas, stuffed into sandwiches, and sold pre-prepped.
The dish hails from the Milan area of Northern Italy; its technique later spread to Austria, creating their beloved interpretation now called schnitzel.
While the dish is still enjoyed in Italy, it's now become especially iconic in Argentina. It's so popular that it's celebrated with its own holiday on May 3.
Traditional Italian-style milanesa typically only uses tenderloin. In Argentina, preparations have other beef cuts, chicken, and eggplant variations.