three raw beef patties on cutting board with coarse salt and fresh herbs
Steak Haché Vs. Burgers: What's The Distinction?
Steak haché and a hamburger are both simple dishes that consist of ground beef shaped into patties, but they differ in how they’re prepared and served.
Steak haché is a French dish where choice cuts of beef are freshly-ground, cooked, and served like a steak. It’s topped with sauces and seasonings and eaten with a fork and knife.
Meanwhile, many of us are familiar with an American hamburger, but if you take away the bun and toppings, the patty becomes a lot harder to differentiate from steak haché.
There's no one recipe for burger patties or steak haché, which makes them tough to compare. A tentative difference is that burger purists don't add any extras to burger meat.
A traditional beef burger patty uses nothing but beef, salt, and pepper. Meanwhile, steak haché recipes often call for mixing the beef with herbs, mustard, and onions.
Also, steak haché uses a single cut of steak like a sirloin, chopped up and re-formed right before cooking. Burger meat is often a premade mix that may use one or many cuts.
Ultimately, steak haché is a fancy French dish with an emphasis on freshness, while a burger is an American staple that doesn't require fancy mix-ins, sauces, or expensive meat.