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Start Your Day Right With These 5 Breakfast Recipes
Lox, Eggs and Onions
Despite using a simple ingredient list of just butter, white onion, eggs, lox, and chives, this scramble manages to pack a flavorful punch, and it only takes 20 minutes to make. These eggs would go perfectly with a side of buttered toast, but they are just as delicious on their own.
Soufflé Pancakes
If you want to take your pancakes up a notch, this recipe is for you. Whipping egg whites separately from the rest of the ingredients introduces more air into the batter, resulting in pancakes that are airy, fluffy, and tall. Top with raspberries and maple syrup for a luxurious morning treat.
Easy Quiche Lorraine
While undeniably delicious, quiches can be difficult and time-consuming to make, but this recipe streamlines the process by relying on a store-bought pie crust and a filling of eggs, bacon, heavy cream, milk, and seasonings. This doesn't just save time — it allows the rich flavors of bacon and eggs to take the spotlight.
Apple Clafoutis
Apple clafoutis — a French dish made of fruit cooked in a sweet batter — is an impressive meal that's deceptively simple to make. Aside from apples, most of the required ingredients are pantry staples you likely already have, and it comes together in under an hour — making it perfect for the weekend.
Kanda Poha
Kanda Poha is an Indian dish that includes poha — a type of parboiled and flattened rice — toasted peanuts, onion, ginger, and several spices. It comes together in just 15 minutes, so it’s the ideal savory breakfast for busy mornings.