San Diego, California, United States - March 17th 2011:This is a photo taken in the studio on a white background of three different Starbucks drinks. Starbucks just released a new logo on March 8th 2011 to commemorate their 40th anniversary.
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Starbucks Rewards Will See Major Changes In 2023
When Business Insider leaked news of an internal Starbucks memo outlining changes to Starbucks’ Rewards, fans couldn't help but wonder what the modifications would be. Starbucks has now shared a statement with Tasting Table outlining the changes set to arrive on Feb. 13, 2023, as of Dec. 29, 2022.
Customers will soon need to amass more Stars before earning some Rewards. The most significant change will be for Rewards items currently redeemable at 50 Stars (like hot coffee and tea), which will be redeemable at 100 Stars in 2023, and many other items are having their cost upped by 50-100 stars.
Items currently redeemable for 150 Stars (e.g., handcrafted beverages and Starbucks breakfast items) will require 200, and those currently redeemable for 200 Stars (like Starbucks salads and sandwiches) will cost customers 300. The news isn't all bad, as some items will actually be redeemable for fewer stars.
Iced coffee, iced tea, and snacks like the ham and cheese croissant will become available for 100 Stars down from 150, while packaged coffee will go from 400 to 300 and Starbucks merch will go from 200 to 100. No changes are anticipated to current 25 Star and 400 Star items, nor to how members earn Stars.