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Starbucks Japan's New Green Tea Frapp Features A Savory Ingredient
Given that Japan is the source of the word "umami," a popular term for savory flavors in food, it's no surprise that Starbucks retailers in the country have decided to add a savory ingredient to their new Frappuccino. The Japan exclusive Matcha Genmaicha Mochi Frappuccino is a dreamy-looking drink with a surprising umami kick.
The Frapp consists of a layer of whipped cream underneath an airy matcha mousse made with three types of matcha, plus genmaicha (a blend of green tea and roasted popped brown rice), and a sprinkle of white chocolate powder on top. It also contains a sweet powder made from black soybeans and kombu seaweed.
Putting kombu seaweed in the Frappuccino might be a nod to Japanese tradition, since time-honored cafés serve kombu alongside plates of sweets to act as a palate cleanser and enhance the desserts' flavors. The combination of sweet and savory was likely chosen to add depth and dimension to this new Frappuccino.