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Starbucks Is Being Criticized Over Symbolic Seattle Location Closure
Starbucks may be known for its original coffee concoctions, but the coffee chain is quickly developing a reputation that customers and workers are not happy with. Throughout the year, the chain has closed store locations citing safety concerns, but some critics argue that the closures are less for safety and more to thwart unionization attempts from workers.
Starbucks is closing its Broadway and Denny Seattle location, which happens to be the first store where employees voted for union representation. The store is set to close on December 9 — the anniversary of Starbucks’ workers' first union win — because of “theft, vandalism, property damage, drug use, threats of physical violence, verbal harassment and assault.”
According to police reports, there have been 97 incidents at the Broadway location between Jan 2020 and July 2022, compared to 68 incidents at the Union Station location and 157 incidents at the Central District location. In response to the closure, Starbucks Workers United said, “They lack respect not only for the rights of their workers but for the law of this country.”