LONDON,ENGLAND - June 2023: Starbucks store sign External Store Sign London, England. (Photo by Peter Dazeley/Getty Images)
Starbucks Has 3 Kinds Of Espresso For Even More Drink Customization
Many believe Starbucks reigns supreme when it comes to coffee customization. They even offer three different types of espresso, adding more options for serious java fans.
Starbucks offers a blonde roast and a decaf option, but the chain's dark roast is its most-used blend. Knowing the qualities of these coffees can inform your drink order.
Dark roast beans undergo a longer roast at higher temperatures, resulting in a richer, bolder, more robust espresso with notes of chocolate and caramel.
The blonde's beans are roasted at a lower temperature for less time, lending it a lighter, smoother body with a slight nuttiness and hints of citrus.
This makes the blonde roast less bitter and acidic than the dark roast. It also has more caffeine due to the shorter roasting time, which lets the beans retain more natural oils.
Starbucks decaf espresso is sweeter and has toasted notes much like the blonde roast, due to the decaffeination process. Now you know which roast you may prefer in your drink.