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Spices That Will Take Your Tuna Salad Up A Notch
Curry Powder
All of the spices in the curry powder — including a blend of several herbs and spices — have distinct flavor profiles, which can spice up any meat: chicken or even mussels. Pair your curry tuna salad with golden raisins, peanut oil, and fresh coriander to break away from the standard recipe
The spice comes from a green, fragrant plant in the celery family native to southwest Asia, and is a favorite spice of cultures around the globe. Dill will add an earthy, herbaceous element to your tuna salad, with the perhaps-surprising addition of its classic snappy taste.
Lemon Pepper
Lemon pepper is a combination of coarse salt, fresh ground pepper, and lemon zest. Per Seafood Nutrition Partnership, lemon and fish go so well together because the natural saltiness in fish is balanced by the fruit's acidity, while the pepper is an added flavor bonus.