Sliced spanish potato omelette tortilla with bacon served in ceramic plate with olive oil and linen cloth over dark brown texture background Top view, space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Spain's Bocadillo De Tortilla Is The Ultimate Comfort Sandwich
The quintessence of a good sandwich is an interplay of textures and flavors, and one Spanish sandwich exemplifies this by blending eggs, potatoes, and bread into something special: the bocadillo de tortilla. This beloved sandwich consists of a tortilla española (potato and egg frittata) between two slices of baguette.
Bocadillo de tortilla belongs to a greater classification of sandwiches known as bocadillos or bocatas, which contain only one or two ingredients enclosed in a baguette. With light, fluffy eggs, filling potatoes, and crispy bread, this treat is a popular small bite in a country where citizens eat up to 5 times a day, instead of 3.
To make a bocadillo de tortilla, start by frying thinly-sliced potatoes and onions, then drain them, mix them into beaten eggs, and fry into a thick omelet. The Spanish tortilla is then cooled, sliced into sections, and sandwiched between two pieces of baguette, with sauces and toppings like tomatoes or aioli added to taste.