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South Korea's Savory Go-To Breakfast Sandwich Features A Sweet Addition
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even those of us who are always on the go can grab a breakfast sandwich for a satisfying meal. Americans may be familiar with a classic bacon, egg, and cheese, but South Korea enjoys Gilgeori toast or Korean street toast, a nutritious breakfast sandwich with a hint of sweetness.
Gilgeori toast can include egg, cabbage, carrot, ham, and cheese between slices of toasted bread with butter, sugar or jam, and ketchup, making for an addictive sweet and salty flavor, much like fries dipped into a milkshake. The New York Times notes that for many Koreans, street toast is a nostalgic dish reminiscent of childhood.
Despite its name, street toast hasn't had a prominent presence on the streets of South Korea in the last few decades, but the dish is seeing a resurgence in popularity. With new variations including stretchy mozzarella cheese and differently-flavored jams and condiments, this unique breakfast may become a popular street food once again.