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South Carolina Is Home To The Second Biggest Peach Producer In The US
While Georgia is “The Peach State,” California actually dominates the US peach market. However, South Carolina’s Old 96 District has a peach crop that's also quite impressive.
This district is the USA's second-largest peach producer, spanning five counties with 12,000 acres of peach orchards, and 6,000 acres are owned by megaproducer Titan Farms.
Titan Farms, the second largest privately-owned peach farm in the US, produces about 50 million pounds in one season. They're also invested in environmental and social initiatives.
Rather than throwing away imperfect peaches, the farm turns them into other peach products, saving 18 million pounds of fruit from ending up in a landfill each year.
The farm also helps produce fruit cups that are used for the National School Lunch Program, which provides free or low-cost balanced meals to children across the US.
The peaches you buy at grocery stores likely come from Titan. For the best taste, Titan’s COO Ross Williams says peaches are good for two days on the counter or five in the fridge.