Meat cooking inside a sous vide cooker
Sous Vide Is The Best Method For The Crispiest Bacon With Less Frying
For mess-free and quick crispy bacon, consider cooking it sous vide. It is suitable for thin and thick-cut bacon and involves slow, low-heat cooking that removes most of the fat.
After 8-12 hours in a sous vide machine, bacon should crisp quickly. Cook multiple packages of bacon together and refrigerate or freeze them for easy use in salads or pasta.
Unlike microwaving, sous vide avoids the limited space and paper towel absorption, making it easy to collect bacon fat. It also prevents burnt bits and a bitter taste.
Oven baking, while effective at crisping up bacon, results in a pourable pan of bacon grease and requires scrubbing.
Sous vide bacon is low-spatter and ideal for wrapping appetizers like jalapeño poppers or scallops without raw spots. Keep a pack in the freezer for convenient meal prep.