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Sourced Bourbon Is Actually Worth Your Time. Here's Why
Sourced spirits, including bourbons, refer to alcohol distilled at one source and sold by another. These spirits have a bad rap, but sourced bourbon can pleasantly surprise you.
Sourced bourbons have ties to the original distiller, but with twists and turns. Most of these bourbons come from the Midwest Grains Products distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
Buyers of the bourbon can purchase it as-is, or influence it by specifying the distillation time and composition of the mash bill, the grains from which the bourbon is distilled.
Brands that purchase the sourced bourbon may also use it to supplement in-house distillations or create an entirely new blended brand, which can create more nuanced flavors.
To recognize a sourced bourbon, look on the label to see where it's distilled. Sourced bourbon may not be as romantic as single-origin bottles, but it can still be delicious.
The Uncle Nearest brand of bourbon has garnered 450-plus industry awards, but its products are primarily sourced or blended. Don't be so dismissive and maybe give a bottle a try.