Mexican tomato noodle soup with limes
Sopita Is The Tomato-Centric Noodle Soup You Should Try
Sopita is a simple noodle soup that’s a staple in many Mexican households. It brings together the nostalgic flavors of tomatoes and noodles with some spice to perk it up.
Sopita, which translates to "little soup," likely dates back to the 1600s, when the Spanish were conquering lands including Mexico and the Philippines.
Spaniards introduced a soup similar to sopita to these countries, and Mexican cooks began cooking the soup differently so that the noodles absorb the flavor of the broth.
Today, sopita is eaten at any time of day, and it's often served to the sick to help them recover. Recipes for the soup are passed down through generations of family members.
To make sopita, you need tomatoes, noodles, broth, aromatics, and herbs and spices. You can choose between vermicelli or short-cut pasta for the noodles.
Homemade chicken or veggie stock is the best to use, and onions and garlic lend aroma while cumin adds complexity. Fresh herbs, grated cheese, and/or lime finish it off nicely.