full frame of watermelon slices
Soak Watermelon Slices In Tequila For A Crisp Yet
Boozy Snack
For an adult, there's no better way to enjoy watermelon than to infuse it with tequila. It provides the same boozy effects as drinking a watermelon cocktail.
The watermelon soaks up the tequila through osmosis, a process that occurs when the booze penetrates the melon's semi-permeable membrane, to create a tasty snack.
Start by cutting your watermelon into wedges and lay the slices out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Make tequila syrup with water and sugar over the stove to dilute the booze.
For extra flavor, add lime juice or peels, mint leaves, lemon juice or peels, or star anise pods. Add any booze that might complement the watermelon's flavor, like orange liqueur.
Let the syrup cool before pouring it over the watermelon wedges, add garnish, and enjoy. For best results, do this the day before to allow the watermelon to soak up the flavors.