Grapefruit drink with grapefruit garnish
Soak Up Summer The Right Way With A 2-Ingredient Grapefruit Cocktail
The Greyhound cocktail consists of just grapefruit juice and either gin or vodka, making for a tart, refreshing, and strong cocktail perfect for summertime or a weekend brunch.
Created in 1930 by bartender Harry Craddock, the original was made with gin, but vodka became the norm in the ‘40s and remains a popular option today.
To make the cocktail, mix 1 ½ to 2 ounces of your spirit and at least four ounces of grapefruit juice. Stir gently and then serve with an optional lime wedge garnish.
Since there aren’t many ingredients involved, you should invest in high-quality products to get the best flavor from this tart, refreshing cocktail.
You can also spruce up the drink with simple modifications like adding simple syrup, a sugar rim, or a salt rim, topping it with some seltzer for fizz, or using an infused spirit.