Container of toothpicks with two on the ground
Soak Toothpicks In Bourbon For An After Dinner Buzz
Soaking porous wooden toothpicks in bourbon imbues them with a robust, mature flavor. Start by pouring one inch of bourbon into a glass jar, then add the toothpicks.
One way to do so is to insert the toothpicks so that one end is submerged in the bourbon. Lightly burn the non-soaked end with a lighter to differentiate it from the flavored end.
Alternatively, you can completely submerge the toothpicks in the bourbon. Be sure to weigh them down with a sterilized glass paperweight before sealing the jar.
Let them steep for at least 24 hours, though 48 hours is optimal. After steeping, transfer them to a paper towel to reduce stickiness and dry them for another 48 hours.
Initially, these liquor-infused toothpicks may taste like regular wood, but give them a few minutes to warm up in your mouth, and the natural bourbon flavors will begin to emerge.