Raw skirt steak wrapped in brown paper
Soak Steak In Pickle Brine And Buttermilk For A Sharp, Tender Bite
Individually, buttermilk and pickle juice can be powerhouse marinades due to their high acidity. Combined, they can transform a basic cut of steak into something amazing.
Pickle juice has plenty of salt to work as a brine and keep the steak juicy, while buttermilk adds the tenderizing acid you might get from vinegar or citrus in a standard marinade.
You can play with the ratio of buttermilk and pickle juice depending on your tastes. If you reduce the amount of pickle juice, compensate by adding some salt to the brine.
Marinate your steak anywhere from an hour to overnight, pull it out, pat it dry, and cook using your preferred method for a super tender result with a hint of bright flavor.
You can also add spices and other flavorings to the marinade. The pickle juice and buttermilk break down the steak's muscle fibers to help it absorb flavors better.
Use tougher cuts that need marinades, like flank or skirt steak. More tender cuts can work, but cut down on the marinade time, since the meat will turn mushy if it sits too long.