Bunches of purple grapes in wooden box
Soak Grapes In Whiskey And Cinnamon For A Boozy Snack
Wine may be the go-to when it comes to boozy, grape-based treats, but there’s another way to enjoy grapes with a bit of a kick: soaking them in whiskey and cinnamon.
The snack has been likened to an edible, colder version of a hot toddy, thanks to the complex flavor of whiskey mixed with the warm, spiced taste of the cinnamon.
To start, wash your grapes and then puncture them so they can soak up as much alcohol as possible. Submerge them in whiskey or bourbon and soak overnight.
Remove the grapes from the marinade, coat them with sweetener and lemon juice, and freeze. Then, serve the frozen grapes with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.
You can serve on a platter, in individual portions, or skewer the grapes for an elegant, hand-held treat. Feel free to get creative with your alcohol and seasoning combos.