Glass jar of butter with wooden spoon on the side
So You Bought Canned Butter. Here's The Ideal Way To Use It
If you’ve never heard of canned butter, it’s regular solid butter sold in a shelf-stable form sealed in a can. For the most part, it can be used just like the fresh version.
Typically made with only pasteurized cream and salt, nothing artificial is added to canned butter, and one 12-ounce can equates to about three sticks of fresh butter.
Canned butter is safe to store at room temperature, meaning it's soft right out of the can. It's great for recipes like baked goods that call for softened butter.
However, canned butter uses salt as a preservative in the canning process, so no unsalted versions are sold. You'll have to be careful if your recipe calls for unsalted butter.
Other than baked goods, canned butter is an excellent base for compound butter, since it's slightly salty and can be blended with herbs and aromatics right out of the tin.
Canned butter is readily available from many brands, but it’s not advisable to try and make your own. Butter has low acidity, making it prone to the growth of toxins and bacteria.